The GATC Project

The GATC Project developed the ALSTOM solution for the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS).  It defined a set of ERTMS Trackside and Trainborne functions that are performed by each ERTMS System.

In terms of the development process and safety management system the Trackside (Level 2) and Trainborne Sub-Systems were separated and managed independently. The development process implemented for both sub-systems was in compliance with the safety acceptance and safety approval requirements, specified in the CENELEC Standard EN50126, EN 50129 and EN50128, in particular the "Quality Management", the "Safety Management" and "Functional and Technical Safety" demonstrations for the sub-system development.

KSEL staff involvement

A KSEL Safety Engineer was responsible for carrying out a significant level of safety engineering activities at an early stage of the design and development of the EVC (a fault tolerant 2 out of 3 platform) and performed Safety Assessment at all levels of the EVC Sub-System, including but not limited to, Functional Analysis, FMECA, FTA, Task Analysis and assessment of power up, dynamic (online) and daily tests safety related tests performed by the EVC eg emergency brake tests, on-board memory testing (RAM/EPROM/Cache) and emergency brake control printed circuit board track layout to show 2oo3 channel independence.

Project value

Multi million Euros


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