SUP System Safety

Upgrade programmeIn order to maintain a reliable and regular service on the Sub-Surface Railway (SSR), replacement of fleet and signalling assets is necessary because most are at or beyond their design life. The Upgrade Programme includes:

  • procurement and bringing into use of 191 new air conditioned trains
  • replacement of the existing signalling system with a new CBTC, capable of Automatic Train Operation, Automatic Train Regulation and with Continuous Automatic Train Protection
  • inclusion of on-board ATC equipment
  • replacement and upgrade of power infrastructure
  • enabling the network to accept the new, larger fleet of longer trains by modifying depots, stations and sidings
  • combining these new assets to deliver more frequent and better quality service more reliably

KSEL staff involvement

KSEL was Discipline Head of System Safety for the Introduction of the new S stock trains and all the associated infrastructure changes and for the ATC programme. We were involved in setting the program and project safety targets, reviewing client safety submissions, chairing HAZOPS, HAZIDS, undertaking QRAs and reviewing and writing safety cases.  All of the safety cases, approximately 50, were accepted first time and were on time every time.

Project value



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