London Underground PTI Programme

mind-the-gapAll railways, without exception, suffer from a problem of exposure of people to running railway. This is most noticeable at platforms where open/unprotected proximity to the running railway is always a risk to passengers.

Instances of people being hit by passing trains even when still on the platform are not unknown. Trespassing at platforms, incidents due to overcrowding, falling down the gap between the train and the platform edge and suicides all present real and present risk with significant safety and potentially commercial consequences.

The aim of this project is to identify the risk and propose potential solutions to close the gap between the train and the platform so as to reduce the risk of people falling between the train and the platform.

KSEL staff involvement

KSEL have been involved for 5 years on this programme helping to identify the optimal solution. We are instrumental in identifying the problem, modelling the scale of the problem, facilitating the options analysis, identifying the best options and obtaining the funding for the solutions.

We also designed and developed solutions for signage, and methods to highlight the gap better.

Project value



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