A key element of the Government’s vision for UK transport, the HS2 programme is creating a Y-shaped network with links on to the West Coast and East Coast main lines, enabling high speed services directly linking London and Birmingham initially (Phase 1), and later on to Manchester, the East Midlands South Yorkshire and Leeds (Phase 2).

The scope of HS2 also covers the rebuilding of Euston station to provide a London terminus station and a new central Birmingham station. Additionally, two new intermediate stations will be built within Phase 1, and further stations built or upgraded in Phase 2.

A number of the HS2 trains will also be compatible with the conventional railway, being able to link through to Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Running at an expected maximum of 360kph, HS2 is expected to reduce travelling times between Birmingham and London by 25 mins, and Manchester and London by 1 hour.

KSEL staff involvement

Involved from the early stages of the HS2 programme, KSEL are helping assure the safety of one of the largest transport infrastructure projects ever built in the UK.

As System Safety Engineer KSEL is setting strategies and plans for the management of system safety and the application of Common Safety Method on Risk Assessment and Evaluation (CSM-RA) at HS2, throughout the programme lifecycle.

We are involved in all aspects of the system safety activities for Phase 1 and Phase 2 Parliamentary and Specification Design, including undertaking the preliminary system wide risk assessment, specific hazard assessments and managing the HS2 system hazard record.


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