Kimberley Systems Engineering Limited (KSEL) has provided systems engineering expertise in some very high profile projects, which are outlined below.


Involved from the early stages of the HS2 programme, KSEL are helping assure the safety of one of the largest transport infrastructure projects ever built in the UK.

As System Safety Engineer KSEL is setting strategies and plans for the management of system safety and the application of Common Safety Method on Risk Assessment and Evaluation (CSM-RA) at HS2, throughout the programme lifecycle.

We are involved in all aspects of the system safety activities for Phase 1 and Phase 2 Parliamentary and Specification Design, including undertaking the preliminary system wide risk assessment, specific hazard assessments and managing the HS2 system hazard record.

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SUP system safety

KSEL was Discipline Head of System Safety for the Introduction of the new S stock trains and all the associated infrastructure changes and for the ATC programme. We were involved in setting the program and project safety targets, reviewing client safety submissions, chairing HAZOPS, HAZIDS, undertaking QRAs and reviewing and writing safety cases.  All of the safety cases, approximately 50, were accepted first time and were on time every time.

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Cable Car for London (Emirates Airline)

KSEL was the Independent reviewer of the Safety Case. We provided guidance and support in the production of the systems safety documentation.

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Cooling the Tube

KSEL was the Systems Engineering Manager: managing a team responsible for systems engineering, RAMS, Human Factors, requirements management (using DOORS®). We were involved in writing the Systems Engineering Management Plan, the RAMS plan, the FRACAS procedure, the Functional Specification, undertaking QRAs, prioritising stations for implementation of the cooling solution, setting the RAMS targets and ensuring that the installed systems meet those targets.

As one of 6 discipline leads on the project KSEL was given authorised delegated responsibility for London Underground ED asset engineers.

KSEL staff are still being asked to provide systems engineering support 9 years into the programme.

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The GATC Project

A KSEL Safety Engineer was responsible for carrying out a significant level of safety engineering activities at an early stage of the design and development of the EVC (a fault tolerant 2 out of 3 platform) and performed Safety Assessment at all levels of the EVC Sub-System, including but not limited to, Functional Analysis, FMECA, FTA, Task Analysis and assessment of power up, dynamic (online) and daily tests safety related tests performed by the EVC eg emergency brake tests, on-board memory testing (RAM/EPROM/Cache) and emergency brake control printed circuit board track layout to show 2oo3 channel independence.

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London Underground PTI Programme

KSEL have been involved for 5 years on this programme helping to identify the optimal solution. We are instrumental in identifying the problem, modelling the scale of the problem, facilitating the options analysis, identifying the best options and obtaining the funding for the solutions.

We also designed and developed solutions for signage, and methods to highlight the gap better.

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West Coast Main Line (WCML)

KSEL was the Systems Performance Manager and was involved in various projects trying to identify ways to improve performance. These include a £1 million project to retro-fit components to the axle counters on West Coast Main Line. We were also national project manager for the review into the future of HPSS point machines.  The FRACAS system introduced by KSEL for Axle counters saved approx. £1m in delay (schedule 8) payments in its first 7 months.

In addition other projects included:

  • bringing in a FRACAS system into WCRM
  • writing computer models to generate business cases
  • performing a QRA and ALARP study into Risk of Fatality of Drivers from OHL Insulator failures and
  • generating several reports for the SRA and ORR

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