KSEL's coach

The coach at the bottom of the gardenIn March 2012, my family and I were fortunate enough to move to a new house. Pretty un-extraordinary some of you may think, however, our house possessed a secret pathway to the past in the form of something as ordinary as a garden shed.

The former owners of the house had completely turned this ‘shed’ into, well, a shed. But it wasn’t until we noticed a sign above one of the doors, that we began to get excited, this ‘shed,’ complete with flower pots and cladding, was actually an 1875 London to Brighton railway carriage in disguise.

Hidden from the rest of the world, our team are slowly investigating the secrets as to how something so large and unique, happened to have landed in a garden such as ours, and why it was hidden.

We hope, together, that we are able to turn this once, shed, back into its former glory as a railway carriage. These monthly blog posts should help you gain an insight as to just how we refurbish something so distinctively quiet in the hope you accompany us, on our journey. You'll be able to comment on the blog soon, but for now if you'd like more information about the project, or if you have any comments on the blog email them to us via the Contact Us page.