About us

Kimberley Systems Engineering Limited (KSEL)’s specialists each have more than 20 years individual experience in engineering disciplines, with a focus on systems engineering and system safety engineering. Their knowledge of systems engineering, practical experience and network of employees and associates gives them the capability to offer high quality tailored systems engineering solutions for all our clients.

KSEL is managed by practising professional engineers specialising in delivery and acceptance of systems in a wide range of industrial sectors. We have a strong understanding of system lifecycle requirements from concept design through to commissioning and decommissioning. We also have detailed knowledge of the relevant standards and regulations. Our values ensure a service that meets clients’ objectives in a manner that is reliable, effective and offers exceptional value for money.

Our values

We deliver professional system engineering expertise and knowledge in a way that establishes relationships with long term integrity based on core values and goals at its heart.


  • achieve unambiguous understanding of objectives and requirements
  • develop and maintain transparent, honest and realistic and lasting relationships
  • provide expert advice and proven systems engineering processes and techniques supporting client objectives
  • work with clients to develop tailored solutions for the introduction of new and/or novel technologies and/or systems demonstrating compliance for meeting end user needs
  • provide safe and value engineered solutions to the clients satisfaction, on time

To find out how we can help you email us at enquiries@ksel.org.uk or visit our Contact us page